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Superficial Scald Management in Apples

Very interesting article about superficial scald published on July 24, 2017 by Rob Blakey, WSU Post-Harvest Extension Specialist.

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History of Controlled Atmosphere

There is some evidence to suggest that the ancient Egyptians and Samarians in the second century BC stored portions of their crop in sealed limestone crypts to prolong its storage life.

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Besseling makes inroads in North America cold storage

As a somewhat new player in terms of the North American market, not many people may have heard about Besseling Group controlled atmosphere (CA) equipment. But with over 1,000 CA installations in more than 30 different countries, the company believes that’s beginning to change.

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CA storage of brassicas

Article (English) in Brassica magazine of Bejo Zaden BV about CA storage of cabbage with Besseling equipment.

Portable ethanol measurement KIT

Next to the DCA Fruit Observer, Besseling nowadays provides a portable ethanol measurement KIT in order to double-check the DCA values of your valuable produce.

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Canadian CA apples in full swing

It’s great to be acknowledged, even when your name isn’t specifically mentioned – “The brand-new CA rooms have paid off with exceptional quality fruit coming out of them.” Read more at FreshPlaza and/or see more at YouTube.


This gas mixing installation is the solution to save on ripening costs. The Ripe-Pro is an installation for producing ripening gas. It extracts nitrogen from fresh air and mixes it with pure ethylene out of gas bottles. This means that it is no longer necessary to use pre-mixed gas, yielding cost savings of no less than 70%.

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Besseling is er alles aan gelegen om haar relaties en geïnteresseerden op de hoogte te houden van haar producten en services. Op de hieronder vermelde beurzen hebben we een stand of zijn op bepaalde dagen/tijden aanwezig.

Indien u ons, op een van deze beurzen, wilt bezoeken of ontmoeten dan verzoeken we u contact met ons op te nemen om een afspraak te plannen.

Chillventa – Hall 6, booth 121

Nürnberg - Germany

16 - 18 oktober 2018

Fruit Attraction

Madrid - Spain

23 - 25 oktober 2018

National Fruit Show – Booth S-63

Maidstone - England

24 - 25 oktober 2018

Interpoma – Stand A04/03 :: Sektor AB

Bolzano - Italy

15 - 17 november 2018


Hasselt - Belgium

30 - 2 december 2018

NW Hort Expo

Yakima, WA - USA

3 - 5 december 2018

Great Lakes Expo

Grand Rapids, MI - USA

4 - 6 december 2018

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