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The importance of proper safety reliefs

The importance of proper safety reliefs: Better safe than sorry!

During the storage season a cold store is constantly subjected to changing circumstances which can directly affect the atmospheric conditions in your cold rooms.

Because of changing air pressures as a result from atmospheric changes and temperature differences (including cooling actions), the air volume in a cold room is continuously subjected to underpressure and overpressure. A flexible air buffer, also known as a ‘buffer lung’, is installed to compensate these small pressure differences. The excess air in the cold room is captured in it (at overpressure) and, if necessary (at underpressure), returned to the cold room. This prevents the undesired penetration of oxygen-rich air. Using a buffer lung with a sufficient capacity can compensate for a big part these pressure variations.

However, there are circumstances that the buffer lung is insufficient to relief the cold room from its under- or overpressure. When the cold room is not relieved of this excess pressure difference, the panels of a cold room are literally pushed out (in the case of overpressure), or sucked inside (during underpressure), resulting in a lot of damage. Cold rooms should be fitted with over- and underpressure valves to protect against excessive pressure differences. The Besseling pressure reliefs have a diameter of 160 mm, which means that more air can be transported compared to a 125 or 110 mm overpressure valve. In short: better protection.

To give you an idea of the difference:
Ø 160 mm has a surface of 201 cm²
Ø 125 mm has a surface of 123 cm²
Ø 110 mm has a surface of 96 cm²

This means that a Ø 110 mm pressure valve has less that half of the compensation capacity compared to a Ø 160 mm valve. And a Ø 125 mm only 61%.

The problem with, in particular under pressure, is that is occurs in a split second, and therefore the pressure reliefs should be sufficiently dimensioned to quickly relief the room from its excess pressure.

The Besseling Ø 160 mm pressure reliefs have been thoroughly tested. Ø 160 mm is sufficient to protect cold rooms up to 800 m³. That means when the rooms are bigger, extra pressure reliefs are essential.

In summary: to prevent your cold rooms from being damaged by excess over or under pressure, make sure you have installed sufficient pressure relief capacity.

Countdown to Fruit Attraction Madrid

In less than one month, the fruit and vegetable industry’s spotlight will shine on Madrid as we prepare to showcase our Controlled Atmosphere Storage equipment at the Fruit Attraction show.

Discover the critical role of proper storage solutions in preserving the freshness and quality of agricultural bounty. Our team is gearing up to take center stage and team up with partner technology companies that will transform the way fruits and vegetables are stored and preserved.

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Gastight connections a must for CA-storage

Gas tightness is a must for all applications. The smallest opening in a storage room leads to undesirable costs while maintaining the atmospheric conditions in that space.

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Publication SE Farmer Magazine

Last month we have visited the National Fruit Show in the UK and teamed up with JD Cooling. An article about their approach can be read in the latest SE Farmer magazine 📖

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Besseling present at Chillventa!

We will be exhibiting at the Chillventa 2022: The international summit meeting for refrigeration, AC, ventilation and Controlled Atmosphere technologies in Nuremberg from 11 to 13 October 2022.

The world’s leading exhibition for refrigeration technology is finally taking place as an in-person event again in 2022!

Find us in Hall 6: stand 418 or contact us to schedule a meeting.

Gas-tight cold store crucial prior to storage

A much-discussed topic that can cause problems during the storage season:

The gas-tightness of a cold store. A cold store that is not 100% gas-tight, needs regular nitrogen support to maintain the low oxygen level. And thus unnecessary costs. Especially with the current energy prices a cost item to be aware of. And last but not least, loss of quality of the product.

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Importance of maintenance

Schedule the annual maintenance for your equipment or the equipment will do it for you!

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Asia Fruit Logistica

Hong Kong - China

4 - 6 septiembre 2023

Fruit Attraction Madrid

Madrid - Spain

3 - 5 octubre 2023

Fruit Logistica

Berlin - Germany

7 - 9 febrero 2024

Norddeutsche Obstbautagen

Jork - Germany

14 - 15 febrero 2024

Fruchtwelt Bodensee

Friedrichshafen - Germany

23 - 25 febrero 2024

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