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PSA, the best nitrogen source for DCA storage

Pressure Swing Adsorption, PSA, is a technique for producing pure nitrogen from environmental air. The system is made up of two beds/columns of CMS (Carbon Molecular Sieve) an air compressor, compressed air tank and appropriate necessary filtration.

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DCA Fruit Observer and “Elstar” apples – KOB Bavendorf

‘Elstar’ apples monitored by Fruit observer had higher quality as compared to fruit in CA, due to lower decay incidence, higher healthy fruit amount and flesh firmness. This is a result of lower ethylene production and respiration rate of fruit in DCA – Fruit observer.

The influence of barometric pressure on a CA room

Atmospheric pressure is simply the weight of the atmosphere above the Earth. It is also called barometric pressure, because an instrument called a barometer is used to measure it.

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Softripe – Ripening in a natural way

Softripe ripens fruit in a relatively natural way, which has also been proven to be both highly effective and efficient. Click here to learn more.

100% Gas tight

Are you interested in 100% gas tight solutions for cables and tubes which have to be led through walls/ceilings? Visit for more information!

11 months CA storage of pears

Conference pears, harvested September 2017, are of perfect quality, color and firmness. Perfect thanks to the expertise of our valued customer Koelhuis WFO – Laan Flora Facilities.

Remove O2 and kill pests

Tobacco beetles and tobacco moths are a nuisance when it comes to stored tobacco. Eric van der Zwet, sales manager at the Dutch-based company, Besseling Group, spoke to TJI about Controlled Atmosphere (CA), an alternative treatment to traditional fumigants for tobacco pest control.


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Lagerseminar am KOB Bavendorf

Ravensburg - Bavendorf - Germany

21 augustus 2019

National Fruit Show

Medling, Kent event centre - England

23 - 24 oktober 2019

Fruit Attraction

Madrid - Spain

22 - 24 oktober 2019

ColdChain / FoodExpo

Almaty - Kazakhstan

6 - 26 januari 1970

Fruit Logistica

Berlin - Germany

5 - 7 februari 2020

Fruchtwelt Bodensee

Friedrichshaven - Germany

14 - 16 februari 2020

Norddeutsche Obstbautage

Jork - Germany

19 - 20 februari 2020

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