Softripe Ripening Technology

Besseling Group provides technology for the Softripe© ripening technology, an innovative ripening system for bananas and other tropical fruits, such as mangos, avocados and kiwis. The ripening system that automatically adapts to the state of the fruits at the beginning of ripening and allows almost natural ripening in an optimal short time.

Important features of this innovative new method of ripening are:

  • Better taste
  • More aroma
  • Longer shelflife
  • Shorter ripening period towards other systems
  • Fully automatic ripening process
  • Quality of ripeness and colour is homogeneous
  • During and after ripening the bananas can simply be stored at their current ripeness level, under a CA-atmosphere
  • Easily adapt to changing sales situations. Losses and complaints can be reduced to a minimum
  • Energy savings

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