Besseling, the art of storage

Storing and protecting, two words which are key to everything Besseling does: giving your products exactly the care and attention they need in order to achieve the highest possible returns. As a specialist in CA, ULO, DCA and other storage technologies, we offer tailored solutions to create a protective atmosphere.

Why Besseling Group? The answer is simple: proven technology. Our products are tried and tested under the most difficult and most extreme conditions. We set the most stringent requirements for our products. Not surprisingly, because our founders have been active in the agrarian sector for generations and have always remained on the lookout for the best ways to store your precious products.

Thanks to our expertise, we are able to offer you integrated solutions for all your storage needs and, if desired, advice on the many facets of atmosphere, cold and humidity control. Our high-quality products have been specially developed to store your products – long-term, affordable, reliable and with a minimum of maintenance. In short: a complete program to preserve your products/income.

Besseling offers you peace of mind in your cold store and beyond. And that is exactly what we mean by “the art of storage”.

About us

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