PSA nitrogen generator

By lowering the level of oxygen in the cold store, respiration is slowed down and the ‘metabolism’ of important nutrients in fruits and vegetables is reduced. The objective is to keep the oxygen level in a cold store as low as possible in order to maintain quality and delay the ageing process as much as possible.

The reduction of the oxygen level in a cold store can be accelerated using a PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) nitrogen generator. A PSA generates pure nitrogen from normal ambient air which will be used to expel the oxygen from the cold store.

The Besseling PSA nitrogen generator consists of two vessels fitted with extremely high-quality CMS (carbon molecular sieve). A CMS is capable of adsorbing oxygen molecules for a particular length of time. When saturation is reached, the system automatically switches to the other vessel by means of valves. The saturated vessel is prepared for the next cycle by depressurizing it, after which the adsorbed oxygen molecules are released and purged. Thanks to this simple principle, the reliability and lifespan of the PSA nitrogen generator is extremely high.

All our PSA nitrogen generators are provided with filters and automatic drains so no fluid or oil can reach the CMS.

Besseling offers different capacities of PSA nitrogen generators. The capacity is chosen/determined depending on the volume and number of the cold stores.

Specifications PSA Nitrogen generators

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