Pallet Fresh System

Soft fruit, a great product but also a sensitive one. It is a product that must be marketed at the right moment in order to fetch the best price. Especially for these sensitive fruit varieties Besseling has developed the Pallet Fresh System. This storage system enables you to store your products under CA conditions per pallet/cover in order to maintain their quality for as long as possible.

Particularly for smaller quantities, the Pallet Fresh System is the ideal solution. Various types of fruit and vegetables are stored in a product-specific atmosphere per pallet immediately after harvest in order to supply the highest quality and the correct quantity on demand. Flexibility is important; single or multiple pallets can easily be removed or added to the system without affecting the conditions of the other pallets.

The Pallet Fresh System works both with individual pallets or groups of pallets, depending on the quantity and the variety of the product that needs to be stored. Each Pallet Fresh Unit consists of a cover and a special pallet on which the crates, boxes or even a pallet with products can be placed. Also required are:

  • A cold store
  • Measurement and control system (ACS) for creating and managing the CA conditions
  • Nitrogen from a Besseling PSA nitrogen generator
  • CO2 from gas cylinders
  • Oxygen from an air compressor

Besseling also measures the composition of the air outside the pallets/covers.

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