As an innovative company, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve storage performance. In the area of DCA (Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere) storage, we are currently working on two systems;

DCA – Fruit Observer; Like humans, fruit and vegetables respond to changes in their environment. When it is cold we get goose bumps and if there are not enough oxygen molecules in the air, we gasp for breath. In fruit and vegetables, we can see a reaction to the environment in the activity of chlorophyll, a substance which is naturally present in fruit, vegetables and plants. The Fruit Observer has been developed to determine the overall condition of fruit and vegetables. We are not only looking for an extremely low oxygen level. We can also show which other parameters cause stress – for example, excessive CO2 values or too low temperatures.

DFR – Dynamic Fruit Respiration; DFR measures the respiration ratios of fruit and vegetables (O2 consumption and CO2 production). A simple calculation shows whether the oxygen level in the cold store is too high or too low, so that immediate action can be taken.

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