Fire prevention

Fire, the nightmare of every business. There is no sadder sight than the smoldering remains of what used to be your storehouse or archive. Of course you take precautions. You store flammable materials separately and of course you have fire extinguishers to hand.

However, danger is never far away… Unless you remove the most important factor: oxygen. Without oxygen, a fire simply cannot get started. By reducing oxygen to a level at which combustion is impossible – a perfect and proven alternative to sprinkler systems and/or compartmentalization of large storage facilities. Examples are:

  • Freezer and cold storage facilities
  • Telecommunications and computer rooms
  • Storage of hazardous substances such as fireworks, munitions, gas cylinders, etc.
  • Archives & museums

The Besseling PSA nitrogen generator combined with a measurement and control system (ACS) is the perfect solution. The measurement and control system also provides the required level of safety thanks to alarms based on thresholds which can be set by the user.

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