The Big 5

Recently our competitor Van Amerongen (VA) launched their Big 5 campaign for promotion of their ACR system. The Dutch grower association NFO, magazines and other media published the Big 5 leaflet without noticing the false remarks made by VA towards competing systems. Besseling has demanded a rectification and wants to make the following statement about this campaign.

VA points in the Big 5 brochure at the Besseling DFR system. They indicate that the DFR system operates based upon chlorophyll measurement but this is not the case. Our DFR system is also based on the principle of measuring RQ. One of the Big advantages of the Besseling DFR system is that it is not influenced by leaking stores, while the VA system is. In our opinion the VA ACR system can never work properly and it is clear that VA does not know what they are talking about.

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