Importance of maintenance

Schedule the annual maintenance for your equipment or the equipment will do it for you!

Trying to cut down a tree with a blunt axe. In time, it may work but how much energy and time would be saved if a sharp axe was used? The importance of well-maintained equipment is often underestimated. The same applies to your CA equipment. CA equipment is nothing different than a tool with which the storage time of your produce can be extended. With regular maintenance, you can maximize the performance and life expectancy of your equipment.

Expensive repairs, wear and tear, loss of performance or unplanned downtime. These are all unwanted situations that in a lot of instances could have been prevented. During the peak season it is of course a priority to have the equipment running as much as possible. But to also be able to keep doing this in the long term, following maintenance protocols is extremely important. This way you’ll not only prevent cost for repairs and downtime, but also maximize the technical life expectancy and quality. This way, expensive repairs or even replacement won’t be needed sooner than expected.

For an optimal result, it is essential that the preventive maintenance is performed exclusively with original replacement parts.

What can you do?

  • Take note of the maintenance protocols as included in the user guide of your equipment.
  • Keep track of the running hours of your equipment and inform your installer on time to perform regular maintenance.
  • Especially with the nitrogen generators, it is critical to exchange the oil/moisture filter elements on time. This is something you can easily do yourself, with the instruction in this video. Not exchanging these filters in time can lead to deterioration of the activated carbon in the equipment. In serious cases this can even lead to the carbon needing to be replaced.

Maintenance cost are in the long term always cheaper than the consequences of a lack of maintenance because unforeseen disruptions can come with high costs.

Six reasons to take maintenance seriously

  • Energy savings
    The equipment will operate more efficiently with correct maintenance.
  • Lower total operational cost
    Any unforeseen disruption or unplanned work stop can lead to high costs.
    Maintenance cost are significantly lower.
  • Operational continuity
    An accurate preventative maintenance plan, combined with original replacement parts and performed by skilled engineers, leads to a higher reliability and prevents unwanted disruptions and work stops.
  • Safety
    With incomplete or incorrect maintenance, dangerous situations can arise.
  • Environment
    With well maintained equipment, less waste/pollution will occur and this will result in lower energy consumption.
  • Longevity
    Correct maintenance ensures that equipment performs better for a longer period of time. In this way you can get the maximum performance out of any equipment.


So… Sharpen your axe on time….!

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