Ethylene converter

Ethylene gas is produced by fruit and vegetables and accelerates the growth, development, ripening and ageing of the product. Some fruit varieties, for example kiwis, are extremely sensitive to ethylene. The Besseling ethylene converter quickly and easily removes this harmful ethylene gas. In this way, your products retain their ‘eternal youth’.

The ethylene converter consists of two columns, each with a heat storage medium, a catalyst, heating elements and one ventilator. In turns, cold store air is guided upwards and heated per column. The air then passes through the catalyst bed where the ethylene gas is broken down. Finally, the air flow passes through the second catalyst bed, where the remaining ethylene is broken down and the air cooled back down.

With the Besseling ethylene converter, an ethylene level of 1 ppb (0.0000001%) can be achieved without making use of chemicals. This makes the process extremely environmentally-friendly. Thanks to heat recovery and accurate control of the optimum temperature, the converter consumes minimal energy.

Specifications ethylene converters

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