Measurement and control technology

Measuring is knowing! Without accurate measurement and the appropriate control of the equipment, all kinds of things can go wrong. Besseling has developed its own measurement and control system (ACS – Atmosphere Control Station) which can be used to control your cold storage facility fully automatic. You only need to set the required values and the system will measure, control and maintain your chosen atmosphere.

Quality and reliability at the heart of your system are extremely important! As such, the sensors approved by Besseling meet four important requirements; sustainability, stability, accuracy and response time.

ACS can easily be expanded with the addition of a cooling module that allows any type of cooling system to be managed. It controls the cooling valves, defrost valves and ventilators, based on target values which you can set yourself. Besides temperature, relative humidity can also be measured and regulated, as can the quantity of defrost water, if required. Thanks to this total concept, ACS is capable to control your entire cold storage facility.

The analysis system can be connected to a PC with BatNetWin Software. In this way settings can easily be changed and the measured data are stored automatically. The registered data can be graphically displayed and printed, making it possible to generate various reports and, for example, compare different periods.

Besseling also supplies portable measuring equipment for manual measurement of O2 and CO2 values.

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