Cold store protection & accessories

During a storage season, a cold storage facility is constantly exposed to changing conditions that can directly affect the atmospheric conditions inside. Besseling offers solutions for optimum protection and security.

Breather bag / Bufferlung; As a result of changing air pressure and the temperature fluctuations inside the cold store, the air volume is constantly subject to changes. In order to neutralize these variations, a breather bag is fitted onto the cold store. The bag stores the excess air of the cold store and if necessary (in case of low pressure) returns it to the store. This prevents ingress of oxygen-rich outside air into the cold store.

Overpressure / underpressure protection; Under extreme conditions, a breather bag only is not sufficient anymore. For this reason, cold stores must also be equipped with overpressure and underpressure safety valves which starts operating at an overpressure / underpressure of 10 mm water column. Without this safeguard, the ceiling and/or walls of the cold store can be severely damaged.

Aeration ventilator; Based on measurement, the aeration ventilator keeps the CO2 percentage low during the loading / cooling period and allows oxygen to enter the store in a controlled manner during CA storage.

In addition to the equipment, Besseling also supplies all the necessary accessories, such as:

  • Gas-tight flanges
  • Gas-tight doors
  • Special coating for the gas-tight finishing of corners and panel joints in a CA cold store
  • Gas-tight store connections
  • Compressed air supply
  • Compressed air conditioning
  • Water measurement
  • Humidification, ultrasound and compressed air
  • Filters
  • Emergency power supply

These are just a few of our many accessories. Please contact us for other accessories or tailored solutions.

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